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Saturday 23 November 2019
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Using eDNA and stable isotopes in lake sediment cores to inform wetland conservation

PhD Studentships


Dear colleagues,

We are looking for high-quality applicants for two fully-funded PhD studentships based at Newcastle University and Northumbria University. Selection will be based on strength of applicant’s CV and fit to the project.

Using eDNA and stable isotopes in lake sediment cores to inform wetland conservation by examining causes of declineof rare water bird species (NERC CASE studentship with Wildfowl and Wetland Trust)

Dung fungi and DNA: recording the decline of reptiles on oceanic islands

The deadline for applications is 31 January 2020. Details of how to apply can be found on the OnePlanet website: https://research.ncl.ac.uk/one-planet/howtoapply/

Please forward to any potential applicants and colleagues that might be interested in this. Feel free to contact me for any formal/informal enquiries: maarten.vanhardenbroek at ncl.ac.uk, or contact Dr Darren Evans: darren.evans at ncl.ac.uk

Best wishes,

Dr Maarten van Hardenbroek
Lecturer in Physical Geography
School of Geography Politics and Sociology
Daysh Building 2.18a, Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RU, United Kingdom
T: +44 191 208 3567

Twitter : @Metabarcoding
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  • Vodka, Bison and Metabarcoding

    31 July 2015, by BRANDNER Melissa

    The start of last month saw the occurrence of the Fifth Metabarcoding Spring School held in Białowieża National Park , Poland. A variety of scientists attended from all over the globe to learn, share and inspire with unique stories of metabarcoding.
    The scientists at the Mammal Research Institute PAS in Białowieża National Park hosted this year’s workshop. And our hats go off to them for the organizational skills, warmth and hospitality. During the week, experienced metabarcoders gave lectures on their trials and tribulations in the field of metabarcoding, sparking conversations between the attendees. The end of the first day saw flash talks from all participants of the event, creating an icebreaker and showing the wide variety of applications for metabarcoding, including, dietary studies, environmental health, fundamental ecology and exploration of rare and ancient habitats.
    Pierre Taberlet (who is rumoured to run 8000 PCR a day!) taught technical aspects such as DNA extraction in (...)

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