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Sunday 4 March 2012
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Construction of curated taxonomic reference libraries for DNA metabarcoding


A main limitation for DNA metabarcoding projects is the considerable investment needed to build high-quality and curated taxonomic reference DNA sequence libraries for species identification. I will briefly present metabarcoding projects that my group is involved in, focused on arctic-alpine and north boreal vascular plants and bryophytes, where one of our main tasks is to build reference libraries. These are to a large degree based on recent collections deposited in our museum collections, but we also carry out new collecting in the field and use other museum collections worldwide. I will present our newly developed DNAbank collection management system COREMA. Emphasis will be put on problems with quality assessment, error detection, and taxonomic completeness of the libraries. Given the expected move of metabarcoding towards approaches using capture probes or sequencing of whole organellar genomes, we must realize the importance of coupling our reference libraries to well-curated collections of specimens and DNA extracts, which can be re-used to construct new libraries fitting the new approaches. The best solution will be to utilize the vast specimen and DNA extract collections being assembled by standardized barcoding initiatives, such as iBOL.

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    31 July 2015, by BRANDNER Melissa

    The start of last month saw the occurrence of the Fifth Metabarcoding Spring School held in Białowieża National Park , Poland. A variety of scientists attended from all over the globe to learn, share and inspire with unique stories of metabarcoding.
    The scientists at the Mammal Research Institute PAS in Białowieża National Park hosted this year’s workshop. And our hats go off to them for the organizational skills, warmth and hospitality. During the week, experienced metabarcoders gave lectures on their trials and tribulations in the field of metabarcoding, sparking conversations between the attendees. The end of the first day saw flash talks from all participants of the event, creating an icebreaker and showing the wide variety of applications for metabarcoding, including, dietary studies, environmental health, fundamental ecology and exploration of rare and ancient habitats.
    Pierre Taberlet (who is rumoured to run 8000 PCR a day!) taught technical aspects such as DNA extraction in (...)

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